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– Name: Ansgar Dressler
– Born in the western part of Germany, now living in Augsburg, near Munich, Germany.

Artist/Painter, autodidact.
Ansgar developed his passion for painting in earliest childhood and since then is his constant companion. However, he chose study and profession in the field of natural science. During all this time painting remains Ansgar’s hobby, but will hopefully soon turn into profession.

The Art of Ansgar Dressler

Ansgar Dressler developed his passion for painting in his early childhood and has been his constant companion ever since. However, Ansgar Dressler chose to study and work in the natural sciences. Painting remained his constant counterpoint to work during this time. For Ansgar Dressler, abstract painting is a form of expression that goes beyond the spoken and written language. Through the interplay of colours, shapes, and painting techniques, Ansgar dissipates the accumulated creative energy up to this particular level of inner satisfaction. His early works and part of his current works are strongly influenced by Gerhard Richter’s abstract works. Ansgar Dressler’s most recent works is his unique “Spirits Of Skies” series, which captivates with its contrasting calm in the background and dynamic action in the foreground. Ansgar’s paintings have so far been exhibited and sold around the world.
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