The Sphere [CANVAS ONLY]

(Spirits Of Skies 240135)

Acrylics on canvas, glossy varnish.

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!! Attention !!
This offer is for the CANVAS ONLY; it will come rolled in a tube.

This very large piece from the unique Spirits Of Skies series has all the elements known for the series: vibrant colors in red and green, in part in neon, applied to the canvas such that the wild action and energy is captured, giving the impression that two spirits are battling in the sky….

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am offering the canvas only. It will be rolled and send in a tube, without the wooden bars. You can have it stretched on a frame by your local frame shop.
The given dimensions approximately corrrespond to the painting stretched onto a 2 cm deep frame. In other words, the actual entire canvas is about 132 x 216 cm. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please also note that in the full frontal pictures it seems as if the right side is darker than the left. Nut this is only due to different light exposure when I took the photo. The background on the right has the same brightness as seen on the left.

Unique painting using high-quality acrylic colors on gallery quality canvas (appr. 330g/m^2, heavy primed cotton fabric). Glossy varnish to seal and protect the painting. Signed on the front.
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note: In-context images are for display purposes and do not necessarily show the artwork to scale. Refer to the dimensions section for the actual size of the painting. If you would like to see how this painting would look at your wall, just send me a photo of the wall/room and I can “photoshop” it onto the wall (approximately to scale of course), at no cost and without any obligation.

Additional Information

Dimensions 120 × 200 × 0,1 cm